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Happy Tail Mail Dog Goodie Box


A perfectly customized doggie goodie box that ships to your door- 

Every Month!

Forget trying to remember to stop by the pet store or remembering to grab something special for your perfect pooch and let us do the heavy lifting! 

Your pup will never look at a box the same! 

Each subscription includes shipping.

The Details

This plan WILL auto-renew on a month to month basis once your subscription time is up.

No cancellation fee for this plan, however we do require 1 month's notice.  

We do ship outside of the US but please note that duty fees may be charged.


In order to keep things running smoothly, we charge 1 month ahead. If you sign up before the 25th, you will be charged today for your first package and then you will be charged AGAIN on the 30th of this month for your next package that will ship at the end of next month. Your first package will ship between the 29th of this month through the 2nd of next month! You will always be a month ahead, so at the time that you cancel you will receive one last package with no more payments.  If you sign up after the 25th and would like to receive the current month's package as well, please email us and we can process an extra charge. If you have any questions about how we operate, feel free to email us at